Cities of the future

So, cities of the future… I am heavily inspired by a bunch of sci-fi films but I still think it’s relevant and will also have to be applied when we become a multi-planetary species. What am I waffling on about? The main problem today is that all of our major cities have changed very little in terms […]

Ultra-High Bandwidth Telepathy

I am interested in creating a project that looks to increase the bandwidth and richness of human communication by several orders of magnitude. Given that so many challenges in the world come from a current inability to be able to truly express and communicate how we are feeling there is a need to tap into […]

Sustainable area(s)

Like Norway’s Oslo airport sustainable city ( ) Let’s build sustainable areas. A city by itself might be slightly complicated (there’s a mayor, police…) but a neighbourhood is possible. The goal is to help and educate people on living a “green” way (growing food, reusing cleaned up water, solar panels, wind turbines, solar walls […]

Lifeskills for young people

Lifeskills before you need them – teaching young people CBT,  confidence and public speaking, basic financial education/budgeting and other things they need to help them be successful. No crew to help – just an idea based on things I’ve done in the past (schools/drama group) and bringing up my own kids. Self-insight at an early […]

Peer Mentoring for Linkybrained founders

Startups are hard enough as it is. Being a linkybrain founder presents additional challenges. From trying to overcome communication challenges that others sail through, to struggling with making sense of the more linear things that must be done. I’ve spoken to 6 startup founders – some relatively successful. They love the idea of helping /being […]