Startups are hard enough as it is.

Being a linkybrain founder presents additional challenges.

From trying to overcome communication challenges that others sail through, to struggling with making sense of the more linear things that must be done.

I’ve spoken to 6 startup founders – some relatively successful. They love the idea of helping /being helped by other Linkys. But only those with practice and experience of what they are going through.

Most asked for a local meetup vs online (or face 2 face first, then online).

Help needed:

Please I need doers, not only say-they-will-doers.

8 Responses

  1. Hey – Iā€™m definitely happy to mentor start-ups and founders

    Currently an investment manager at a CVC fund and happy to meet in London


  2. Hey, count me in.

    Currently coaching startup founders at Kings 20 venture accelerator and the Kings College Entrepreneurship Institute. Also building a coach and mentor matching tool which may be relevant / of interest.


  3. Is there a reason your focus is on startups and founders specifically? Could the pools of mentors/mentees be broader, especially considering the #LinkyBrains idea of connecting the curious minds out there.

    1. The primary reason for this is that those are the people who specifically asked for it. Also the folk I spoke with are not that interested in general/broader mentoring.

      But – if you see a need for broader mentoring, start it and let others join. There is infinite space.