Like Norway’s Oslo airport sustainable city ( )

Let’s build sustainable areas. A city by itself might be slightly complicated (there’s a mayor, police…) but a neighbourhood is possible.

The goal is to help and educate people on living a “green” way (growing food, reusing cleaned up water, solar panels, wind turbines, solar walls paint, electric transport only etc).

There should be a student housing building because they’re the generation that must learn this asap so they can keep it up as they leave for work somewhere else, and share it with the world (we know how these guys like to share online).

The goal shouldn’t be to make it an expensive place. Maybe there can be a “depending on status” price (rents). A student shouldn’t pay much if anything, but could participate in whatever they’re into (growing food for instance). A trader with high income could compensate.

Such place is to start living in Respect of each other as much of the environment. Be open to strangers, cultures, differences, learning new things (or not if there’s no interest as long as there’s respect).

No Littering, No traffic noise, No gas pollution…

I see a central Square with bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment, surrounded by buildings forming a circle with streets behind them and more buildings behind and so on as it could spread continuously as a circle. Self/electric transportation therefore the area would be closed to vehicules other than the accepted ones. Loading docks could be placed on the outsides of the circle for goods deliveries of all types.

Would I like to be part of this? What do you think? Of course I would.

I’m not a real estate developer but they’e not too hard to find, just like money as we hear.