The project is to set up a business, with the business model similar to Tom’s shoes.

However the product would be light reducing glasses and noise reducing earphones.

What made me decide on this project is that I tried on a pair of my friends light reducing glasses and when wearing them it reduced the glare of the environment and it allowed me to make eye contact with people, which is something I really struggle with.

This is because when an autistic person experiences a sensory overload, it is caused by the light, sound and feel of the environment.  The light reducing glasses and earphones, could help children in a classroom environment, allow loved ones to make eye contact, allow people to work in the workplace.

I would love for people to help me with this.  I would need help in financing, prototyping, links with healthcare and opticians, also scaling and mentorship.

These items would allow people to experience things which people take for granted.

If anyone would want to help me with this project I would be most grateful.

My contact details are:

mobile: +447932033678

email: [email protected]

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