The Adventures of the Linkybrain Kid is a story idea that I have started experimenting with and would love some collaborators to create more, illustrate, make audiobooks of, do story telling with and bring to the world in whatever way we can.

I’m Mike – I’m a Linkybrain and I have 2 young children who adore me telling them stories.

I started telling them the stories of Doug, a Linkybrain kid who has adventures that happen in a split second and take him to worlds with curious challenges.

From the Land of the Box People to the Kingdom of Jumbled Up Numbers, children learn about neuro-diversity, non-linear thinking and the challenges of different.

Come help

I would love volunteers to brainstorm ideas with, co-write, help with illustrating, publishing and later on podcasting and recording audio for an audiobook. Others can help with sharing and telling their kids these stories.

Our children are shaped by the stories they hear their parents tell. Let’s help parents tell them beautiful ones of difference and courage.

Are you in?

Comment below or email [email protected]