I’ve had this idea for a while. A platform that allows people to sell extra food from their meals to next door neighbours. Time rich, cash poor people make some extra money from cooking for eight instead of four or whatever. Cash rich, time poor people get home cooked, healthy (hopefully) food rather than expensive, bad takeaway food.

You could design it in such a way that it increases human interaction between neighbours (rather than platforms like Deliveroo which minimise human interaction). This helps to tackle loneliness and builds communities.

You could also use the platform to educate the cooks in healthy cooking, benefitting everyone.

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  1. Hey,

    Have you had a lot of interest in this idea so far? I’d like to get involved.
    My background includes Martech, Marketing, Communications, Channel Strategy, and a lot of Silliness but finding ways to encourage and achieve what ‘normal people’ think is not possible. Happy to meet up for a coffee to see how far you’ve reached on your idea and how can we collaborate.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi,

    I have been toying with a similar idea for a while though focused on helping international students get access to “home cooking”. Have looked into it briefly and it seems that there were a couple of companies that started this (dishnextdoor.com and menunextdoor.com) but couldn’t make it financially viable.
    Would love to talk through the idea with you though. I know that there’s definitely something in it…

  3. Interested. My wife is a nutritionist and recently got her first client for tailored meals. We were talking about growing the business and it really isn’t scalable as is so A platform to find people would be brilliant.

    This could go viral in London.

  4. That’s really interesting.. I had a similar thought when I saw how much food was being wasted by caterers at my previous incubator. A solution for this problem could also apply to caterers, allowing them to reduce waste / gain additional revenue. (Or just find a scaleable way of distributing to those in need 🙂 )