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Trademarking LinkyBrains™

We have taken legal advice on protecting the use of  ‘LinkyBrain’ and ‘LinkyBrains’. The advice is to use the superscript TM to claim our proprietary rights of it and possibly file a trade mark application later.

Advice from the legals:

If you put “TM” (in superscript) next to a term it means “I am claiming proprietary rights in this and I may file a trade mark application too.”


A good example of what happens if you don’t do this is Freecycle ( Freecycle began as an internet movement. Gradually, people began using the freecycle name to mean something different to what the founders had intended. The freecycle founders had registered the mark by this time but their mark was found to be invalid in the USA because for a long time anyone had been free to use the term “freecycle” in any way they wished.

– Harper James Solicitors

Why did we do this?

LinkyBrains is special. Through it, a community comes together and changes the world for the better. Everyone so far has been inspired to come together, share and do interesting things they wouldn’t otherwise be doing.

But – there is always a ‘but’ – there are other people who may want to abuse the community, to use the platform for their own ends , usually exploitative / purely commercial and in doing so, they destroy what we are about and corrupt our message.

So – to provide some protection and to discourage such abuse, we – (including the originators of those terms), are claiming proprietary ownership of them.

We are doing this for the community. is and will remain a social enterprise, not-for-profit movement.


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