Tips for Organising an Event

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Tips for Organising a LinkyBrains Event

If you haven’t organised an event like this before – don’t worry, we got you!
Here are 5 handy tips to help you be successful.

Pick a date and a time

Consider a breakfast, lunch or even beers after the working day. People are more likely to show up if there is a social element to it. Also, unless you know are convinced otherwise, weekends for working people is not a great idea!

Pick a location

Choose somewhere central and easily accessible – good trains, underground etc. to make it easy for people to attend. The easier you make it, the more likely it is will come!
Google maps is your friend!

Make it easy to share and confirm attendance

Consider using something like to share your event, it’s great because you get a link to share and can get a better sense of numbers. If you are getting loads of people committing to come, you may want to let the venue know!

Create some conversation seeders

Linkybrains is happening so quickly, people instinctively know what it is about – but starting a conversation may still be difficult. As the organiser you may want to get the ball rolling with:

Intros – let folk share names, favorite sports, mother’s maide…just kidding – but you get the idea. Perhaps the organiser can lead by introducing themselves first.

Have some framing questions: something that gets folk chatting with purpose – like

  • “How might the world of work look like in a linkybrain friendly world?”
  • “How do you make sense of the world?”  – some folks love numbers, structured content, others are visual, love unstructured information, some even think in metaphor!
  • “What would it take for you to do your best work?”
  • Get people to talk about what they’re passionate about & any killer projects they are interested in or struggling with

Reflect and Repeat

At the end of the event, it’s a great idea to get some feedback of what worked for folks – from date/time, to venue, to conversation – was it worth their time?

Finally – agree when you would all like to meet up next and get a volunteer to organise it – community takes continuity and you might lose traction if you don’t nail it at the end of the event.

Have fun.


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