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Foundry Exchange – your vrtual incubator

Foundry Exchange connects you with the venture ecosystem and provides detailed practical advice to help you navigate the complex and opaque early stage market.  Created by individules that have "done it before" and understand the reality of any given situation.  Use...

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Community cooking

I’ve had this idea for a while. A platform that allows people to sell extra food from their meals to next door neighbours. Time rich, cash poor people make some extra money from cooking for eight instead of four or whatever. Cash rich, time poor people get home...

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Light reducing glasses for autistic people

The project is to set up a business, with the business model similar to Tom’s shoes. However the product would be light reducing glasses and noise reducing earphones. What made me decide on this project is that I tried on a pair of my friends light reducing glasses...

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Ethical Tech

Ethical Tech was born after the two LinkyBrains decided to highlight Tech For Good people, news and events - something we both deeply care about. The site is very basic (for now), at one point it needs to be redesigned and we want more people involved - but we just...

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Self Health

Most of the population are disengaged with either chronic disease or keeping themselves well. Getting them to manage health in the same way as they manage, say basic hygiene or accommodation should be easier. These resources include information, peer group support,...

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Reforming the food industry with a Linky brand

Reforming the food industry with a Linky brand Copy of story posted on Medium Even before I was at all involved in the Food/grocery industry, it sounded fucked and in need of major reform. Everything from monopolies, food waste, mistreatment of animals, misleading...

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Open Hacks

You are not your resume. You are your work. I did altMBA in January of this year. It’s intensive, life changing and I’ve missed it. You take a prompt and have limited time to ship it, often after a day’s work. So you have to embrace the fear and find the flow. I’ve...

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