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Hi Linkys, LinkyBrains is still in the early, raw and visceral stages. In the content highlights, you’ll see that there’s a push towards understanding the intent of this thing. That may not be happening now but progress is being made. Check out the LinkyBrains projects and #FiftyFifty.


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Learnings from ‘non HQ’

“Let the noise keep coming, within the noise will be common signals that make things obvious. The obvious piece to me is lots of people want to do good shit” – Doug contemplating eight weeks of LinkyBrains.


“When your inner voice say’s ‘this is too hard’ — don’t fool yourself into a fixed mindset — how hard can it be to invite women first and then add the men?” – Chris gives his update & tips for FiftyFifty

I was recently reminded of the Michael Moore case study on the Icelandic banking collapse, and bankruptcy. All but one bank went under and it was run by women. And their investment philosophy “we don’t invest in anything we don’t understand.”

Only 13% of UK VC decision makers are women (partners or equivalent). We also know that funding female led companies are more profitable, just ask Chris about his numbers.

This is bigger than a pipeline problem, this is a mindset problem. We need more male VCs to backup their words with actions but faster. Don’t just #FiftyFiftyPledge. Show. Ask for guidance,  Tech London Advocates – Women in Tech for example, can assist with an action pack. Put yourself out there and be part of the solution.

The Dalai Lama said:

“Sometimes I feel that if the leadership of over 200 nations was with women, the world would be a little bit safer! I really feel that!”

Now imagine he said “companies” instead of nations; added “whole” world and used “richer” instead of safer. That is how I feel.

Signing off – Suki and Chris

LinkyBrains #FiftyFifty Dinner 2.0

The second LinkyBrains dinner was held on Tuesday with FiftyFifty attendance. There were some really inspiring attendees there, including Peony Li who built a plane whilst she was at school and then flew around the world. Everyone else was stumped for an intro after that, until Christiana Imafidon mentioned she passed her maths GCSE when she was nine and then wrote a best-selling ‘Math’s manual’ teaching others how to do it.  

Niluka Satharasinghe sparked an interesting debate about the NHS, asking why doesn’t the government make more use of open source?

Shuba Rao’s thoughts on questions that arose from the dinner:

Can a bunch of people whose remit is to increase ROI for their investors do ‘social good’? A sound demonstration of this, for a start, is Chris’s #FiftyFifty call-out. A LinkyBrains example of where power and positionality in society or within a social group is used for the ‘common good’.

Content Highlights

For me, what’s critically important is that a platform like this has a mission. There’s only so much faith people will have before they write this off and stop engaging; for me, I’m an Atheist — so there’s no afterlife for me after this. Time is too short to fuck around at Nero coffee shops navel gazing about our existence. The real golden thread is organising people based on intent.”  

“trying to define the unknown, or the end result of research, at the very beginning is probably quite futile – but common practice.”

“Never before has the distance between imagination and creation been so narrow. In the past, we didn’t have the sophisticated tools to build the world we dream about and aspire towards. Now we do. It’s the best opportunity any of us could ever ask for.”

Check out the Linky Brains Medium page for more…

What the Underbosses are listening to….


To dial it up a notch: Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd Remix  

To dial it down a notch: Bullit – Watermät, Some Velvet Morning – Primal Scream  


To dial it up a notch: Pretty Shiny People – George Ezra

To dial it down a notch: Georgia – Emily King

Stats and Growth

Events: check them out here. 10 hosted / 36 created

New Event Locations: Lisbon, Singapore.

Sign ups to newsletter:  712 (+17)

Traffic to the site: 140 – 350

Facebook Linkys: 645 (+13)


More next week – Dizzy Do.

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