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  • Suki and Chris are still pushing forward with their FiftyFifty pledge.
  • The second 50:50 dinner is this evening. More to come on that next week.
  • There was a Manchester meet up leading to some great ideas from Robert Marsh. He was asking why aren’t young talented people being found by the current system? Check out his ideas in the content highlights.
  • The Underbosses finally met!
  • Linkybrains Projects now up
  • Loads of new photos

Check out the LinkedIn Group and Facebook Group to get involved.  

Learnings from ‘non HQ’

Read about Chris’s new FiftyFifty Pledge here.

The Underbosses finally met Mike (he’s not a bot!) this week at Soho Grind. They had never met in person and Chris & Alex had never spoken to him before. Loads of LinkyBrains turned up impromptu – it was a momentous occasion.

What the Underbosses are listening to….


To dial it up a notch: Don’t Stop Movin’ – Livin Joy

To dial it down a notch: Talisman – Air  


To dial it up a notch: white noise

To dial it down a notch: white noise


Dial up: Wake Me Up

Dial down: Waiting for Love


Dial up: It’s probably me – Sting, Cypress Hill

Dial down: Gregory Porter  

Recommend your own dial up/dial down tunes here

50:50 Dinner 2.0

Suki Fuller – check out her post on LinkyLadies here.  

Daisy Tottman

Kate Hyslop

Becky Stephens

Peony Li

Shuba Rao

Christiana Lmafidon

Servane Mouazan

Niluka Satharasinghe

Christopher Kahler

Paul Smith

Chris Tottman – check out his latest on gender equality  

Yoann Turpin – his confession.  

Alex Dunsdon – check out his latest.  

Ricardo tannus

Doug Scott – his ramblings.  

Content Highlights

Robert Marsh on wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Check out the Linky Brains Medium page for more…

Quote of the Week

“… I’m slowly starting to hear & best explanation I can come up with is Doug picks 4 notes & @mhsutton & friends compose something remarkable…” – Alan Hemmings

Here is the full tweet:

Stats and Growth

Events: check them out here. 5 created/  18 hosted

New Event Locations:  None

Sign ups to newsletter:  698 (+69)

Traffic to the site: 150-500

Facebook Linkys: 632 (+20)

If you have your very own LinkyBrains update you think should be in the log please get in touch, I would love to include it.  

More next week – Dizzy Do.

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