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Hey Linkys, this week lots of big picture ideas have been developing with people thinking about how this movement can create real change. #LinkyBrains is still young- it’s only Week 6-  so if you think you could help shape this thing join a group, go to an event, organise a meet-up or write a confession. If you need inspiration, check out what Suki Fuller has been up to this week getting more women involved.


  • This week Suki Fuller organised the 1st Linky Ladies Meet up in London with the hope of lots more ladies getting involved in the future! Check out her write up in the content highlights.
  • There have been discussions about what might be next for #LinkyBrains – ICO, Crowdfund, VC – all to invest in social good things.
  • A LinkyBrains dinner is happening. Read more below.

Check out the LinkedIn Group and Facebook Group to get involved.  

Learnings from ‘non HQ’

There are three goals at ‘non HQ’ at the moment:

  • Growth
  • Funding
  • Incentive structures

The Underbosses are currently canvassing for views and taking in information.

Chris on what it’s like raising Linky kids and how to measure their success.

Doug on all the big picture ideas he has for #LinkyBrains and his ICO idea.  

LinkyBrains Dinner

Tomorrow is the first LinkyBrains dinner. It’s invite only with eight women and eight men who are committed to LinkyBrains and can help shape it and take it to the next level. They will be meeting to discuss what a month it has been and what is next.

It gives Alex, Chris, Doug & Suki an opportunity to talk about why the mission is so meaningful and how they’ve overcome the challenges so far. It also provides the platform for everyone to talk about what they want from the #LinkyBrain movement, the things they want to create, the help they need and what they want to lead.

Check out Chris’s article on the  LinkyBrains dinner.


Suki Fuller – check out her latest post on LinkyBrain women.  

Bobbi Heath

Maddy Cross – on working with a Linky Brain.     

Becky Lodge – her confession.  

Emily De Groot – her confession.  

Helen Taylor

Dr Olesya Myakonkaya

Saraswati Truong

Verena Nurgazieva




Paul Cash – check out his confession

Waleed LakhaniMy Linky Brain life as a generalist.  

Patrick Azzopardi – his confession.  

James Ski – his confession.  

Aarish Shah – check out his articles.  

Sam Salih

Content Highlights

Suki Fuller on the first Ladies Meet Up.  

Maddy Cross on working with a Linky Brain.  

Phil Roberts asks is #Linkybrains the beginning of something truly game changing?

Derek Sivers Ted Talk on how to start a movement.  

Check out Chamath Palihapitiya on Money as an Instrument of Change.

Check out the Linky Brains Medium page for more…

Quote of the Week

“The net result of this ‘truth’, in this mini-collective, is one of togetherness. There has been an outpouring of vulnerability, of people not being afraid to step up and out and say “I’m a bit different”. And rather than being embarrassed or afraid, being proud of it. If the only thing that comes out of this is people being more open, collaborative, and slightly less afraid of being who they are, then we’ve already won the Oscar.”

This weeks quote is from Phil Roberts, check out the rest here.   

Stats and Growth

Linky ‘Hires’(Those changing their job title on Linkedin): 137 now (Doug )

Published Articles: 10+

Events: check them out here. 26 organised / 22 hosted

New Event Locations: 0 (more events in established locations mainly London)

Registered Volunteers: 73 (+1)

Sign ups to newsletter:  577 (+121)

Traffic to the site: 300 a day

Facebook Linkys: 556

LinkedIn Linkys: 155 members

So get in touch

More next week – Dizzy Do.

Daisy | LinkedIn