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Hi Linkys! This week lots of Linkys have been thinking about next steps and what this movement has the potential to become. The main theme seems to be connectivity and sharing. So get involved – join a group, go to an event, organise a meet-up or write a confession.


  • It was one of those Mondays this week. Mike made all the events live, but the site said they were all full. Did anyone go anyway? Let us know!
  • Suki Fuller has organised the first ladies only meet-up in London!
  • There’s a new feature on the site: ‘Share Anything’. It includes stories, mini-confessions, problems to solve and ideas.
  • The Underbosses have hundreds to give away each year and they bet other Linkys do too, so Mike has launched the ‘#ideasarefree’ section on the site.

Check out the LinkedIn Group and Facebook Group to get involved.  

Learnings from ‘non HQ’

Doug on why future companies have no founders and, now the hype is over, what’s next for Linky Brains?

Mike’s Lessons from a #LinkyBrains event no one else came to.  

Content Highlights

Jeff Feldman on why networks (and thus, LinkyBrains) are the future of venture investing: Customers?—?The Future of Venture Capital and Accelerators

Chris McKibbin’s confession.  

Kevin Wallis-Eade asks are Linkys wired differently?

Dominic Pride on Linky Brain Superskills: Beginner’s Mindset  and Are You Normal? ?Survival Mechanisms for #linkybrain people

Robert Hamilton Smith on thought experiments and the three R’s of entRepReneuRship.  

Dave Jackson on how Linky Brains work.  

Check out the Linky Brains Medium page for more…

Here are some content suggestions from the Facebook Group:

Oldie but a goodie from David Heinemeier Hansson let’s bury the hustle.

Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux

Do we really want to change? Russell Brand talking to Adam Curtis on his podcast.  

Tim Urban on how to pick a career that actually fits you.

The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations by Ori Bafman and Rod A. Beckstrom

Quote of the Week

“being your true, expressive self will lead to a better future for you and those around you. Only you know what that is and only you can act upon that”

This weeks quote is from Robert Hamilton Smith. Read the rest of his post here

Stats and Growth

Linkybrain ‘Hires’(Those changing their job title on Linkedin): 213 (+7)

Published Articles: 20+

Events: 29 organised, 16 hosted . check them out here

New Event Locations: 3 (Toronto – Canada, Barcelona – Spain, Berlin)

Registered Volunteers: 0 (we are taking a break on volunteers, getting the 71 to work!)

Sign ups to newsletter:  456 (+121)

Traffic to the site200 – 400 daily

Facebook Linkys: 513 (+63)

That’s all for this week. Next week I’ll be updating everyone on how the ladies only meet-up went today. Hopefully it paves the way for more female perspectives on #LinkyBrains with lots more confessions, POV’s and meet-ups to come. As always, I love to read your confessions and especially love it when they get sent straight to my inbox – so get in touch.

More next week – Dizzy Do.