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Dizzie Do, back with more updates on the #LinkyBrains movement. This week there have been even more Meet Ups spread across the globe and some fantastic confessions.


  • There have been 17 events this week, more than the 3 previous weeks combined.
  • Progress for the Unconference is slowly improving with more confessions from women. Thanks again to Suki Fuller for being the powerhouse behind it.
  • London Meet Up?—?date to be confirmed.
  • Linky Brains key chains have been created by Daniel Tovisi who is gifting them to Linkys on the Facebook Group .
  • Whilst in Beijing, Chris attended a Meet Up with a 50:50 turn out. “Check out the diversity!”
  • Four London coffee meet ups have been announced with no host, more power to all the Linkys.
  • Meet Up at Kings Cross organised with the mission: come with 17 things you want to see in the new world.

Check out the LinkedIn Group and Facebook Group to get involved.

Learnings from non ‘HQ’

Gellinger / Pixabay

Working out our purpose.

At the moment, the Underbosses are in listening mode.Their ongoing role at the moment is keeping the signal going that sparked all of this and waiting for a clearer, defined purpose to emerge from connecting Linkys.

Alex has written on what linky brains can hope to achieve and the value of harnessing Linkys.

Check out Marc Winn on using networks to solve world problems. What could a Linky collective solve?

Linkys, beware of burnout.

Doug and Chris were on holiday this week, clearly they were inspired by discussions on the Linky Brains London Whatsapp group on the importance of not burning out. Here are some wise words from Suki Fuller from the Whatsapp group:

“1. As Linkys, we have a high propensity to burnout.

2. So when you feel the need to step back. Step back.

3. Don’t burnout because you want to participate as a Linky Brain.”

Content Highlights

Lisa Matthews wrote a great piece on #Linkybrain superpowers and not-so-superpowers.

Sofia Galante’s piece: Serendipity on steroids?—?#LinkyBrains.

Claudia Katharina’s confession.

Kristy McKenzie on how we can empower more Linky Brains.

Ben Bailey, a reluctant LinkyBrain, wrote a great confession with a healthy dose of cynicism.

Matthew Bushell on Leakybrain Rivers & Linkybrain Resorvoirs.

Franklin ?aeza on lessons learnt from being a linky brain and what being a Linky means to him.

Justin Cale on commonalities in people with ADHD and Linkybrains and a personal reflection on having a Linky Brain, or ADHD brain.

Paul O’Sullivan on Linky Brains and feeling normal.

Patrick Azzopardi argues Corporations will never liberate creativity, maybe a LinkyBrains collective can?

Andrew Burden on how the linkybrains movement is helping him with his quest to find his own frequency.

Stephen Yuan asking what does Linky actually mean?

Mindaugas Kriš?i?nas’s Linky Brain self review.

Tom Avery fesses up.

Check out the Linky Brains Medium page for more…

Stats and Growth

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Linky ‘Hires’(Those changing their job title on Linkedin): 116

Published Articles: 50 +

Events: 6 and 30+ now organised, check them out here.

New Event Locations: France, South Africa, Spain, America

Registered Volunteers: 70

Sign ups to newsletter: 270

Traffic to the site: 300–400 a day

Facebook Linkys: 419

That’s all for this week. Next week, it would be great to see more women confessing and attending Meet Ups. Got a confession or POV? I would love to include your thoughts in the content highlights, so get writing.

More next week?—?Dizzy Do.

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Note: This post was originally posted here and is reproduced with permission.