It’s Dizzie Do back with another weekly log of the goings on of the LinkyBrains Mafia. This week, so much has gone on outside of the Underboss Comms line with loads more confessions, meet ups and groups being made. So, the weekly format has changed to accommodate all of those amazing people. See more below…


It has been another crazy week. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves that it’s only day 14. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for Mike, Chris, Alex and Doug as already they have:

We are going to spend a bit of time creating some principles, guidelines for the movement. At the moment we are embracing the chaos. But for now:

This is in growth & engagement mode.

This will be self organising, not centrally controlled.

You do not need permission to do anything.

The easiest and most helpful thing is to repeat our purpose and help get others to:

  1. Write a post
  2. Do a meet up
  3. Become a volunteer

Learnings from ‘non HQ’

We’ve had a backlash already. Probably means we’re doing something right.

Right Brainers so keen for this to fail.l…Get on with being you and be strong in your own sense of your identity”. Chris’ latest post — #Alot

We’re not just attracting the sharpest minds but also the nicest people.

I am an unwavering believer in the fundamental goodness of people and that will carry our efforts to everywhere in the world. It will quieten the negativity and amplify the goodness.” — Underboss Mike in his latest blog post.

Amazing things happen when Linkys get together.

“It’s an accelerant” — Alex’s insights from the London Meet Up on Tuesday.

People are genuinely changing the world one Linky at a time

Venn Diagram

A “Well Linky” moment:

In Manchester 10 people turned up at the wrong coffee shop. In London the venue wasn’t ready so we met outside in the rain. Haha.

#LinkyBrains Conference

This week Underboss Chris put feelers out for a conference on LinkedIn: “If we host, will you come?” and more than 150 people responded in the first few days. Suki Fuller has partnered with us on this! RockStar.

LinkyBrains №1 Emily De Groot says: “As your first female YES. If other women are there and you have 50/50 speakers. Diversity”

The Underbosses believe in diversity and so they want a 50:50 Male:Female attendance not just 50:50 Speakers. So they’re working on an Invite Only Conference. You can’t get an invite unless you publish a POV or Confession. This is generating a huge amount of engagement from the community. Male:Female Publishing Ratio is 8:2 — so much to do!

Get Publishing…. Now

Shout Outs

James Ski, CEO and Founder of Sales Confidence and Ex LinkedIn, created the LinkedIn LinkyBrains group helping connect more Linkys and has written some amazing articles, especially: Why I’m a Bipolar LinkyBrain.

Suki Fuller, Founder and Analytical Storyteller at Miribure and supremely connected to lots of interesting event people. Suki totally jumped in to help with the venues, logistics, catering etc for the proposed conference that is currently being planned and she has a podcast in the works.

Molly O’Toole is our first American and second woman! She wrote a great post on how creativity is just connecting things and gave us the quote of the week — see below.

Daniel Laing is a huge champion of neurodiversity and wrote an amazing confession about being a Linky Brain with Aspergers.

Yoann Turpin, Master trader and Investor in c.30 startups. Check out his article: The LinkyBrain phenomenon and where I fit somewhere in there..

Content highlights

Emily de Groot wrote a follow up to her confession: Linky Brains, are there different levels?

Leann Harris created some new Linky lingo her confession #linkybrainjoy

Becky Lodge wrote on what it’s like being a woman with a Linky Brain in her post #LinkyBrains — Somebody Stop Me.

Marc Winn’s confession: My ‘LinkyBrain’

Bobbi Heath wrote a great article this week.

Patrick Azzopardi on his Linky journey in this post.

Clara Phan sparked a different perspective with this post

The confessions on the Linky Brains Medium page are showing many similar themes. These are: ‘feeling like an outsider’, a ‘guilt at being able to solve problems so quickly’ and a feeling that ‘existing institutions and problem solving structures don’t work’. Keep em coming.

Quote of the week

Yes it’s a Steve Jobs quote but it is so good and relevant.

“When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” — Steve Jobs

Thanks to Molly O’Toole for including it in her post. Molly inspires Linky HQ and now for the rest of the US!

Stats and growth

Linky ‘Hires’(Those changing their job title on Linkedin): >100 — ready for action

Published Articles: 44 — that’s an incredible amount of inspiration since last week

Meet Ups: 20 — magic happens at these

Event Locations: Switzerland, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cheltenham

Registered Volunteers: 60+ — things happening faster and faster

Sign ups to newsletter: > 100+ — since we started capturing them this week

Traffic: 500 per day on to the site.

Facebook Linkys: 361

As I close this week, it’s worth reflecting that 100s of people are engaging with #LinkyBrains as it hits them viscerally. This is not four dudes and I. This is bringing people together rapidly to discover, create, collaborate and connect with more people like them. Hence the change in format, I want this log to be about everyone getting involved, not the people that started it.

So get in touch

More next week — Dizzy Do.

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