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I’m Dizzie Do (I do stuff v quickly, professionally, etc) and I am #5 person in the LinkyBrains Mafia?—?my job is to listen in on the LinkyBrains Underboss Comms line and create a weekly Journal.

My confession is that I am NOT a Linky Brain so my job is trying (and failing) to bring some order to the madhouse. Here goes…

Linkybrains Mafia is a collective as yet ill defined?—?to recap this is how it started.

To summarise:

Three of the Underbosses, Doug, Chris and Alex, went on a romantic cycling trip last Summer. This is the first time Doug and Chris hear Alex use the words LinkyBrains.

“No, you have LinkyBrains”

Doug sells his company and decides to take a month writing every day. On February 1st he wrote his Linky Brain Confession on his blog and on the 7th of March posts it on LinkedIn saying he wants to meet more LinkyBrains.

Friday (Day Zero or BL before #LinkyBrains):

Chris sees Doug’s post and comments… “Doug Scott for President! With a Cabinet full of Linky Brains breaking the status quo,… Love the blog. Mandatory reading.”

Alex posted a comment in reply to Chris Jordon?—?This is now known as the SPARK!

Saturday (Day 1):

During his saturday morning lie-in, Chris is buzzing with ideas about Linky Brains & the SPARK! At 6am he messages Alex, who has been getting tons of inbounds from Linkys. They both agree something profoundly resonates and decide to do something?—?#LinkyBrains is created.

By the time Doug wakes up, he has been inundated with 100 messages on a group chat he’s never seen before.

This is the LinkyBrains Mafia comms line.

Alex, Chris and Doug announce their new positions as Linky Brain’s Mafia Underbosses. Location everywhere (except Chris who puts distributed on the blockchain*).

Lauren, one of Doug’s stars, buys https://linkybrains.com/


The Underbosses wake up and several people have changed their job titles. They want to know: “what’s going on, how can I get involved”.

It turns out there are lots of LinkyBrains out there:

Doug has 200 connection requests in 48 hours and several people wanting to create coffee meet ups.

Chris appoints his first LinkyBrains meeting with Manoj Ranaweera who’s taking a digital mission to Silicon Valley?—?for 9.45am the next day.

“something weird is happening” (Doug, Underboss)

One very special Linky, Mike, contacts Doug to help “‘in any way”?—?more later.


Underboss Doug puts up the Linky Brain site at 4pm using a free template.

The Underbosses get their first emails that show they have moved people to tears. This is something big.

Underboss Alex makes his confession on Medium that he has a Linky Brain. My Linky Brain. Why Did Nobody Tell Me?

Patrick Azzopardi spontaneously flies from Paris to meet Alex. Definitely Linky.

Chris and Manoj grab coffee and talk about Linkys.

Underboss Chris posts his Indicators you might have a LinkyBrain on Quora to help LinkyBrains self select..So much science!

Mike joins the Mafia. His instinct tells him “something weird is happening.” Basically he’s the only person who:

  1. Is capable on GSD?—?“get shit done”
  2. 100% connects with the mission which is 100% undefined

The Underbosses’ shit logo is created.


The Underbosses are still busy.

Chris posts his confession on Medium.

Mike launches LinkyBrains.com

Mike launches LinkyBrains twitter

The Corporates join in:

The leader of Deloitte ventures prototypes his own linkybrain cap and sends to the world, the

Head of Marketing from Panasonic calls us guardian angels and the ex head of Open Innovation at accenture wants to do a meetup for young people in Corporates.

The team also get their video diary from Aarish Shah talking about #LinkyBrains as a movement. First user generated video…

There’s just one question: “Mike’s a Mafia member right?”. At this point (as I am writing 5 days later), no one has actually met Mike, or even spoken to him on the phone. Madness, right?

Anyway?—?the answer was “yes”.


It’s the first ever LinkyBrains Meet Up in Birmingham?—?with LinkyLegend and Underboss- Doug Scott and 5 amazing Linkys including: Mohammed Ibrahim, Hanif Khan, Jack Chittenden, Tom Noble, Alan Hemmings. Tom drove from Cheltenham and Alan from Cambridge. This thing had taken off.

The Underbosses notice a lack of diversity in the immediate respondents on social media but then?—?Emily de Groot?—?confesses. She is now known as No1.

A bloke who is Ex Google X connects with Doug about what’s going on. He’s on a new mission that everyone loves?—?#onebillionhappy?—?the Underbosses are very happy. Watch the video it’s awesome.


More important people connect.

Manoj, Chris’ first and only meeting from Monday posts I’m no #LinkyBrainsand becomes a legend! Chris takes the stick badly and goes all “Satoshi” and says he’ll never meet anyone again. He later changes his mind and says he will only collaborate with Linky’s who publish a confession or POV. Problem solved.

James Ski launches LinkyBrains Group on Linkedin?—?https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13586887

The Sign Up page goes live on the website.



LinkyBrain Day 1?—?Doug’s blog views went up 10x over night

LinkyBrain Day 3?—?Doug Linkedin?—?interactions went to 500 per day. Linkedin loves Doug, users less so!

LinkyBrain Day 4?—?Website goes live?—?300 hits per day growing to 500 hits per day / > 2000 visits & >4500 page views

Coffee Meet Ups:

Completed?—?Birmingham was first

Organised 7?—?Mostly Europe

Scheduled 20?—?Mostly Global, well mostly Europe

One person rejects being a Linky for a normal life!

Confessions and Points of Views Posted?—?These are the most important thing that happen in our feeds!! Read them.

Medium?—?15?—?see below

Linkedin?—?Know one knows….

LinkyBrain Underbosses on Linkedin?—?20?—?we love you all?—?“you’re not alone”

Random Stats & Stuff?—?Linky’s love random stats & stuff

No ones got fired yet

Two became five (I’m one apparently) & dozens of volunteers

Someone decided not to sell their business after meeting one of the Underbosses and a few have resigned?—?Liberating

Several investments requests?—?unspecified business model / please wait until they figure it out

Ex Head Google X?—?connected to collaborate?—?are their Linkys in Space?

Ex Head of Amazon Product?—?connected to collaborate

& many more similar?—?note?—?LinkyBrains love to be the Ex of many things

This weeks Medium posts on #LinkyBrains: These 12 people ROCK













(More next week)


Doug launches FB page.

It’s time to reflect. The Underbosses try to figure out what the fuck is going on.

There is still not enough diversity.

Underboss Chris makes everyone watch shit videos as a creative exercise.

The Purpose That Aligns Us:

We believe that society, business and science make giant leaps forward because of certain types of people who connect unrelated dots and create entirely new ways we live our lives?—?we call these people LinkyBrains

However, LinkyBrains can often be wired to operate in isolation, or be misunderstood by the institutions where they work.

It means vast amounts of their productive power is wasted and society loses.

We believe the more they are connected the more society wins.

Our mission is to give them environments where they can create exponential value in the world.

We want to discover, connect and empower LinkyBrains to work and collaborate with each other and the wider community so that their collective synaptic leads to a quantum leap in progress.


The Underbosses agree there should have a weekly journal?—?this post basically. Being Linky Brains, everyone hates writing and organising so they need a Scribe. Names are shared and I get chosen circa 5pm.

Mike share his confession. Now he has confessed the Underbosses ask him (via message?—?remember they’ve not met or spoken) to be a Mafia member. He says yes!

Madness erupts mostly unprintable.

More next week.

Dizzie Do Out(they make me write this bit and this is not my real name)

Daisy | LinkedIn

Doug’s Tips below

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Note: This post was originally posted here and is reproduced with permission.