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Doug Playing More

“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”  – Groucho Marx

Humanity has always operated like a living breathing connected organism with each person helping humanity develop. Humanity has also always grown in leaps, the leaps being compounded by unreasonable exponential people Einstein, Marie Currie, Newton, Picaso, De Vinci,etc etc.

The challenges that humanity, is and will face, are greater than ever. Things are changing faster than ever. Already we have Artificial Intelligence that is much better at linear thinking than humans, this is only going to increase. Humanity needs to adapt to these changes so as to be able to utilise the unique talents they have to be the best they can be. What will humans do? Where will they fit in the new world? The questions are endless. Think where humanity has come from in 500 years, where will it be in 500 more? Humanity is either about to develop the abilities and tools to conquer the universe or we will be another species that once existed on planet earth. There is no halfway house on this. The universe is about to become our playground or we die out. Our traditional systems of education and employment will be of no worth. Humanity needs a paradigm shift and it will not come from linear thinking.

We propose to create an environment, utilising every single person on the planet, to develop and nurture, exponential unreasonable people for the benefit of all of humanity. The simple goal of helping this living breathing connected organism, called humanity, bridge to the future as quickly as possible. ( Pando Trees )

1000s of Coffee Events with a 3 SIMPLE GOALS

Fixing local easy issues

Keeping people connected and involved

At the end of every event each person on the way home performs a random act of kindness – for example buy a homeless person a coffee and talk to them for 5 minutes 🙂

100s of Virtual Coffee Groups

No matter who you are, most of the smartest people who can fix the problem you see are some where else in the world and you are not connected

People who understand each other and relate

Fixing global problems with simple solutions

Providing Funding for Virtual Teams Doing Wow Projects to Help Humanity

For the first 4 weeks when a location opens up we need someone to make sure the events get announced and promoted.

All this involves is:

· announcing a location, date and time for the events

· adding it to the linkybrains.com site

· tagging people they know on social media who live in the location

· posting an article announce the event

· ideally turning up at the eventJ

· making sure some photos get taken at the event

· asking other people who appear at the event to run a new event and repeat this process

·at the end of every event each person on the way home buys a homeless person a coffee and talks to them for 5 minutes:)·

·sharing photos after the event

· writing up and article after the event — good and bad about how it was and how they felt

So can we have some volunteers for this for the locations we have please for the first 4 weeks please

Longer term I envisage every city on the planet will have someone who does this for 4 weeks and then someone else may take over the role, or not:)

Where can this go?

As things expand I would also think the same should happen based on connecting people with virtual coffee events, who have knowledge or wish to help in relation to global solutions:


Mental Health

Physical Health

Bio Tech


Planet Well Being










As time goes on I expect these real coffees to become more localised and these virtual coffees become more niche.

How do we fund this?

I love this:

The thing I loved most about Google[x] and about Google actually is what Larry (Page) used to call the toothbrush test. It’s what I admired most about Google in general was that constant commitment to solve a problem before we earned the right to make commercial benefit from it. The idea was to solve big problems and the side effect was to be commercially successful. It’s the idea of “if we do good, good will come back and commercial success will come back”. I think that’s surprisingly a concept that we built civilization on.

A shoemaker back 100 years ago did not start with a spreadsheet. He started with a good shoe. In a very interesting way, we’ve stopped doing that. We started to focus on the money, on our own greed, on our own benefit. I hope that somehow, as part of our value system, we try to change our attempt to making the world a better place as the target, and becoming successful as a result, not the other way around

Mo Gawdat, ex Google X, currently Founder of  onebillionhappy

Create the maddest campaigns possible to crowdfund to raise money — we can miss many times and still be successful. If we hit once we raise enough to do loads

Here are some ways we could generate funds to power the change we want to see in the world.

TED like Events

Licensing Deals


Angellist Job Board

Crowdfunding for ventures to back

ICO- ???



Producthunt decentralised system

Build Steemit

Licence the brand

Allow people to use the brand and make profit we take a rev share and/or we have equity. ( Branson does this with Virgin partners — Max Kelly will know lots about this )

Jobsites, event sites, VC, etc etc

We utilise the money to fund growth and internal projects

We pay people based on UBI concepts, enough to be happy $70K pa?

People can do other things too

We take profit and do 20 under 20 type ideas

We take profit and invest in 10 under 10 kids

We take the profit and fund wild ideas that help humanity but have yet no commercial interest and so people are reluctant to fund…so 10 prizes £1 million each to clean the oceans…we take small equity cut in the mad of the mad

We take profit and create wild prizes like Prize X does

We allow corporates access to things for a fee but also they must allocated funds to funding wild stuff with their name on it….this means corporates buy into internal wild projects…

We create a sort of VC with us as the cornerstone LP to invest im wild ideas for the benefit of humanity

Any profits in VC get recycled into bigger ideas

Interesting words stolen from others that feel correct


Self Reliance

Personal Responsibility

Self Direction

Self Expression

Civic Responsibility

Embrace and Drive Change

Embrace Diversity


Leaving No Trace


Plant Seeds



Fun and Mischief

Create Abundance

Leave No One Behind

Be Humble

Deliver WOW

Be Adventurous

Be Creative

Be Open-Minded

Pursue Growth and Learning

Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

Do More With Less

Be Passionate and Determined

It’s good, nimble, worthwhile

Finish what you start.

Be kind not right.

Random acts of kindness.

Give hugs.

What else?

You tell me.

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Note: This post was originally posted here and is reproduced with permission.