Aberdeen – LinkyBrain Boost Celebration

We are planning a series of events / activities / gatherings / parties in Aberdeen Scotland to celebrate our Linky Brains. If you would like to be involved message me or comment ( [email protected]) And if you have some ideas about how to celebrate Linky Brains ….please share.  

Why the future belongs to Polymaths

Loved this article about how Polymaths will rule the future. I think we can substitute ‘Polymaths’ with ‘Linky Brains’ quite safely… https://medium.com/@ztrana/the-expert-generalist-why-the-future-belongs-to-polymaths-46b0e9edc7bc?source=linkShare-c7685b75a34f-1525501528

Homelessness – Could we build and help solve the problem?

Could this help the homeless? I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, 3 years may be… not quite knowing what to do with it… but it always drifts in and out of my consciousness… I figured I’d throw it out to the Linkybrain universe to see if it would/could work. I’m not sure, […]